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Welcome to Buy4My

buy4my has been designed to make the process of buying goods and services faster, easier and simpler saving schools time and money.
buy4my provides schools with a single, secure place to access the largest community of suppliers of goods and services in the UK on one easy to use website.
It lets you search for, and compare, products and prices from a range of suppliers and contracts (including many national and regional contracts) so you can secure best value for money for your school.

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Features & Benefits of Buy4My


Improve the quality of services for students

  • Get the right goods and services your staff and students need at the right time
  • buy4my is secure and frees up your non-expert buyers to concentrate on front line teaching

Getting Value for Money

  • Compare prices between trusted suppliers
  • Save money to reinvest in teaching and learning
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Easy Procurement. Find Goods & Services Faster

  • Single place to search for goods and service across a broad range of suppliers
  • Free up your time to concentrate on front line teaching

Reduce administration effort

  • Removes the costs of printing, faxing and posting orders
  • Reduce the time from requisition to order
  • Helping you get better value from your suppliers

Key Benefits